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At Understory, we create and operate networks of ground-truth weather sensors to bring you up-to-the-minute weather intelligence. No one else has this data.
Our team is hard at work on updating our white paper that describes our weather networks. The weather hardware is currently being deployed across the world.
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We build, install, and harvest data from networks of calibrated weather stations. These sensors gather data on hail, wind, rain, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and more!

We have updated our weather stations to provide crucial measurements for the agriculture industry - evapotranspiration and growing degree days.

Networks of ground-truth weather stations

Calibrated, hyper-local weather measurements

For understanding damage, instead of relying on the radar network or spotters for hail information, our stations measure hail impacts at the roof-level where it counts.

For agriculture, get a deep understanding of how weather impacts daily decisions on the field.

Understory Weather Sensors: Accuracy Preview


Learn about our next generation hardware!
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